Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GunBox 1.1 Released!

GunBox is a fun and exciting app for Android™ that features field recordings of the real guns featured in a popular video game series with initials COD. These are not video game simulations; they are THE REAL GUNS FIRING.

GunBox is a collection of 27 field recordings of guns being fired:

When you press on a gun's name, the gun "shoots" and flashes red on the screen:

You do not need to wait to fire another gun, up to four will sound simultaneously.

If you have a d-pad phone, you will see some different effects as you highlight your guns:

You can save a gun's sound as a notification or a ringtone by pressing and holding on that gun's button:

A menu pops up giving you a choice to set the sound as a ringtone, notification, or cancel:

When the ringtone is saved successfully, a message confirms your selection:

If you rotate the screen, all the buttons stay in place, so you can "fire at will":

Featured guns are the Springfield Rifle, M1897 Trench Gun, M1 Carbine, .44 Magnum, USP .45, AK-47, StG 44 Single Shot, Desert Eagle, Glock 17 9mm Auto, Glock 18 Full Automatic (scary fast!), Barrett M82 .50 Cal, M1 Garand, Barrett M107 .50 Cal, M16A4, M240, Vektor GA1, M242 Chain Gun, Walther P38, MP5K, FN P90, M1911 Pistol, RPG-7, .357 Magnum, USP 45 Silenced, Mini-Uzi, M2 Browning, and last but not least, the infamous Luger P08 Pistol.

"Don't settle for simulated gun sounds when you can have the real thing!"

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